General purpose after effects scripting library.


Adobe After Effects ExtendScript Toolkit or other text editor


npm install aequery

If you are not using npm, you can download the latest version here

Then you can include it in your script

Import into your script:

#include 'path/to/aequery.js' // aequery is now available as aeq
// Disable all Camera lens blur effects in active comp
aeq( 'activecomp effect[matchName="ADBE Camera Lens Blur"]' ).attr( 'enabled', false )

or, if you are using browserify, typescript or similar:

var aeq = require( 'aequery' )

var comp = aeq.getActiveComp()

if (comp) {
	aeq.forEachLayer( comp, function ( layer ) {
		// Do something with layer


For documentation, visit


Make sure you have node and npm installed

Install gulp

sudo npm install -g gulp

# Clone the repository and enter the directory
git clone
cd aequery

# Install npm dependencies
npm install

Gulp usage:

gulp # Builds it to the relevant places in the ScriptUI Folder
gulp watch # Will monitor it and rebuild it real quick if anything changes


Pull requests, bug reports and feature requests are welcome!